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Hypnotized Orchestra

45-120 minute performance

Hilarious presentation of mind control that is interactive and inspiring. Participants are volunteers from the audience that interact with one another. Stage skits transport the hypnotized subjects into a world of wonders that pushes the limits of imagiation.

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Famous Hypnotist on Stage

Question and Answer Period

Have a powerful discussion after the presentation that will leave a lasting impression. Topics covered include the use of body language, art of powerful words and comical stories that deliver an impact that resonates with every member of the audience. Psychology of positive thinking and its effect on all those around will lead to improved sales and satisfy curiosity.

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Hypnosis CD

Relaxation and Motivation Self Help CDs

As an added bonus, the Relaxation and Motivation CD is available for pre-order at a substantial discount for the group to enjoy as take-away materials after the motivational and team building presentation.

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We are happy to incorporate the theme of your event into the presentation. Give us a call to find out more.